I'm playing in a new live-streamed D&D campaign! Click here to check out the recording of our first stream on the TItan's Dawn Twitch channel.


I’ve been going back and forth about promoting this session, because it’s “session 0.5″ and I actually thought we weren’t going to stream until the next one.
But it’s also the intro to all the characters, and I don’t know if we’ll be doing a full-description intro again.  We’ve assembled quite the collection of misfits (my character is the closest thing to a basic human, and she’s... well, there’s some stuff going on there) and I’m excited about where it’s going!

We have a couple brand-new players, so fair warning that a lot of this is intro to combat mechanics as well as people getting used to Roll20. (Which decided it didn’t want to show my camera to anyone but me that night, not even the DM, much to my annoyance when I looked at the recording later. I am One Of Those People who do a ton of nonverbal reaction, so it’s really irritating to spend 3 1/2 hours thinking people can see me when they can’t!)

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