Valerie Meachum makes a terrific transformation from mysterious to downright scary.

- Scare Tissue continuous shot... aptly pulled off by the remarkably-talented Valerie Meachum, whose character's story is essentially revealed  through social media updates and internal monologue.

- The Critic's Word


...the 18 minutes are stolen by The Witch, Valerie Meachum.

 - Left Hand Horror


Valerie Meachum is of particular note -- she plays the witch role to the hilt and came off mature, in control, and . . . EVIL.

 - Forest City Short Film Reviews


Michael Wexler and Valerie Meachum delivered spot on performances as Mr. and Mrs. Price. What I found most impressive was how both actors handled themselves on screen, body language plays a big role to a great performance, and both actors showed a good display of that.

 - The Critic's Word 


Valerie Meachum does an excellent job of planting the cinematic seeds for the entire film.

 - The Independent Critic