lightattheendoftheworld webI'm proud to make my debut as an audiobook narrator with The Light at the End of the World by J.A. Cummings. I've loved this novel since it came out in 2012, and relished the challenge of bringing life to its wide range of memorable characters.

The Apocalypse was not supposed to rest on Jessica Norgren's shoulders. When the struggling law clerk finds herself pregnant with no possible human father, she learns more than she ever wanted to know about angels and demons. With her best friend, Tsung Li, to help her navigate this tough new terrain, she finds herself mixed up with Watchers, archangels, succubi, athletes and Buddhist monks in a confusing melange of hope and fear.

A visit from the Archangel Michael reveals that the Apocalypse involves more than just the Anti-Christ and the coming of the End Times. It also involves the Demons' Messiah, sent to bring demons back to a state of grace; a pretender to the throne of Hell, destined to replace the Devil; and a squad of shadow demons, assassins sent by Lucifer himself.

Is well-known hockey player Rick Buchanan the Anti-Christ? Is it his son, Alexander? Could one of them be the Demons' Messiah? And what about "the One" that Alexander's mother, the succubus Rachel, has been talking about?

Everybody has a part to play in the drama of the end of the world, but not everybody wants to fill the roles they've been assigned. How far will Jessica go to avoid her destiny? What is her destiny, anyway?

She doesn't have long to learn. Lucifer is coming, and she's running out of time.

The unabridged audiobook is available on Amazon,, and iTunes.

zombiegothic webThe Deadersons Season 1 finale is in post-production and will be available for viewing soon. I'm delighted to star as Donna Deaderson, loving wife and mother of a family just like yours... only zombies!

Can't get enough of the good people of Bloody Hills? Visit IndieGoGo to pre-order Season 1 on DVD, and check out the other great perks available! The DVD release will feature never-before-seen material not available online.

The Deadersons is a production of Notebook Entertainment. All episodes are available for free streaming on YouTube.

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My dream project, a solo theatre piece based on the life and work of Pre-Raphaelite muse and artist Elizabeth Siddal, had its first staged reading December 16, 2014 at Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin, Illinois. To learn more, visit the Unvarnished site.